100% Forecast Roll-Off System

100% Forecast Roll-Off System

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100% Forecast Roll-Off System. Includes 2x 45 mm Roll-Off films, 1x mudflap and micro fibre bag. Goggles are not included, the system simply replaces the existing lens.


  • Transparent canisters provide an easy view of remaining film and at 45mm's wide it combined with a length of 24 feet per roll provides the maximum amount of vision in MX.
  • Available for all models 100% (adult): Racecraft, Accuri & Strata and simply replaces the original lens in your goggle.
  • Smooth rolling drawstring for easy pulling and film exits closer to the lens to reduce dirt from entering the main view.
  • SVS embossed lens with integrated clear mud visor provides smooth operation and keeps out the elements.
  • Self-cleaning canister with integrated film wipe reduces mud build up.
  • Roll-Off tables with mud scrapers.
  • "FFS dotted" glass to prevent sticking of the Roll-Off movie.