Supercross season is over

Supercross season is over

Supercross season is over


After the Poutena test the championship continued on August 11 to Arões Fafe, this northern stage had a great number of riders and also a huge audience, as in the previous stage.

Fafe's 3rd stage did not perform well for both Jomotos / Beontime / Mx Wise riders, Álvaro Pereira Jr. was unable to maintain the necessary concentration to take the test, he chose to leave in the semi-final and safeguard himself to the next and last step. Frenchman Gregóry Riaux struggled to secure his place in the night finals and managed to be 3rd in the playoffs. In the first final of the night, it suffered a joint fall with other pilots soon in the start that mechanically damaged its motorcycle, was 17º classified and outside the 2ª end.

This past Saturday the 18th was held the last leg of the championship in Lustosa, Lousada. Alvaro Pereira, Jr., arrived at this stage confident and calm to fulfill the goals set for this season, however he did not have a happy day to suffer a violent fall in a jump in the first drills of the afternoon where he hit hard on the ground losing the senses, went to the medical tent and quickly performed several examinations where fortunately no fracture was detected, only excoriations.

After this episode, with enough suffering was present throughout the race, ensuring his place for the night finale fulfilling objectives. The performance obviously was not the best, the important thing was to score the necessary points. In the 1st finals he had to leave because of the pains, but he managed to finish the 2nd final, ensuring a glorious 7th place finish in the SX1 and 17th Championships in Elite, not bad for those who have been away more than 10 years of this modality!

After the test, the driver commented: "I came to this last race confident of a good result, I trained during the week specific situations that I was missing in the other stages, unfortunately in the training I was surprised on the ramp of one of the biggest jumps of the circuit, I lost control of the bike and I suffered a great fall. Fortunately I did not break anything, at times I thought I had injured my hip again, Supercross does not allow mistakes, and it has been with great sacrifice spirit that I have made this championship. This was my last race ever in Supercross, now left 3 Motocross races, I want to guarantee the top3 in MX1 and win the Honda Trophy. "

The Regional Motocross Championship resumes on September 9, in Póvoa de São Miguel, a stage that had been canceled on 11 March due to the flood.

Álvaro Pereira Jr. has the following support in 2018;

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