About us

The Unlimited Raceware (MX WISE) project, which is an online sales platform, was founded in March 2013. Our first mission was to introduce to the Portuguese market products at irresistible prices on the offroad side of two wheels. Due to a great common passion for motorcycles, Unlimited Raceware (MX WISE) is present in the UK through one of its founders.

In 2014 our project came into view and grew rapidly, there was a need to expand our offer with high quality brands, which remains our main objective. This year we shorten the acronym, the creation of the domain urw.pt was exclusive and most noticeable in Portugal, leaving unlimitedraceware.com for the international. Our presence in the main national and regional championships has attracted the attention of the most curious, and we currently support various types of partnerships, whether with events, teams or athletes.

The European market has been receptive to our offers, in addition to being able to take advantage of our platform in English, in 2017 the need arose to be also available in the Spanish language, both versions are translated by our team so that all specifications are the most accurate and noticeable for our users.

2018 is the year of image restructuring with the new commercial name of MX WISE, this new name is synonymous of good sense, seriousness, balance, coherence, logic, responsibility, that is, names which we identify and make us progress as a name to take into account in the offroad market. The change of image of Unlimited Raceware for MX WISE will be more sound and noticeable in the response to the markets where we are introduced.

Our platform is entirely exclusive to the trade of casual clothing, equipment and some accessories. We are located in Marinha Grande, Leiria, right in the center of the country, and we only trade online.

In short, our team has more than 45 years of experience in the field, including one of the pioneers in the practice of motocross in Portugal, and passed on all its experience to its successors. We are happy to say that we know what we are doing, assuring our customers an unparalleled service of excellence.